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The Future  

The future is now. You are what time it is. And for the musical equivalent of Vogon poetry, nothing compares to the instrumental offerings at the Barry Shuffle page. What fun! Go there now and listen and hear and feel the vibes. 

Many Albums of Barry Schmaltz! 

If you go here, to

you will discover many, many audio recordings of Barry Schmaltz and his friends.  Free-associating philosophers and poets, imbued with madcap civility and a broad perspective on many subjects, Barry Schmaltz, Guy Tromboni, Downbeat, and many others invite you to join them as they make it all up on the spot, right before your ears! 

Robin Radus: Painfully Lame 

ROBIN RADUS: Painfully Lame (2014)

It's here!  The brand new concept album that's guaranteed to thrill and delight.  I suggest that you have lots of psychotropic herbs to ingest or inhale for this one, because it practically insists upon it!  Others are picking up on this suggestion; look:

Anyway, we're into new territory here.  It's not easy listening.  But it may be the future.

Go to this page to hear the ENTIRE album from start to finish.  That's the best way to…Read more

Here for the first time! 

It's the Random Music Generator! Listen to any one of hundreds of tracks from this site.  And let me tell you, there's a lot of strange stuff on this site!  I just listened back to a few random samplings myself, and it's pretty avant-garde.  So if you're hiring me for piano work, don't get the impression that my repertoire includes everything you might hear here.  

Pitchy and Shifty 

Why do I always go back to this absurdity? Here's a page dedicated to the delightfully unlistenable musical duo.  The Pitchy and Shifty Collection