Studio Notes

The Future  

The future is now. You are what time it is. And for the musical equivalent of Vogon poetry, nothing compares to the instrumental offerings at the Barry Shuffle page. What fun! Go there now and listen and hear and feel the vibes. 


It is with an indescribably heavy heart that I tell now of the passing of bassist Gaku Takanashi. 

As this website reflects, Gaku was more than just a part of an ensemble - his warmth and humor, along with his tremendous yet unselfconscious virtuosity, made his presence the very heart of our music by virtue of his purity of Truth in human and musical expression.

Gaku played with very many people (not represented here), and I am sure, without having met most of them, that the unanimous opinion of Gaku was that…Read more

New From Triosphere: Hidden Energies 

With all the energy of the New Year ahead of us, how better to start it all off with than a collection of original first takes and improvised creations from Triosphere, featuring John Romagnoli on drums (and vocals, but don't tell anyone), Gaku Takanashi on bass, and myself on keyboards. Hear it now!

Triosphere: Hidden Energies   


All The Energy Is HERE! The New Vamps! 

Barry Schmaltz: The New Vamps

Who are we kidding?  Everybody loves Barry Schmaltz.  I mean everyone, absolutely everyone, is just nutso cuckoo over this guy...and I must admit, he is a huge talent. The way he can make up songs right on the spot like that, well, it's just amazing. It would take hours to listen to just his audio recordings, let alone look at all the videos he's made. It's just awesome. So instead of worrying about how best to develop this website for myself, I've been developing a website for…Read more

Vindaloo Two 

Go to Barry Schmaltz Dot Com!, at, and hear the alternate take of Vindaloo, that happy hit that's sweeping the nation!  It's the very last track, but stay and listen to the entirety of Soggy Chicken Vindaloo, Guy Tromboni's latest album. John Romagnoli, now on drums for this very fine track! Please do have a listen. 

Making This Site More Coherent a challenge!  It is so free-associative and rambling.  Nevertheless, changes are coming!  New music, old music, this, that, the whole thing!  A little more attention to detail, and a whole new perspective.  All that stuff.  Coming soon.  Really.

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