New York's most acoustically intuitive jazz group ...

We Play Anywhere For Everyone.

From jazz standards to 70s-style retro funk fusion, Triosphere swings and bops its way into your living rooms and penthouses, not to mention restaurants and rotundas (as they are the unofficial jazz group for the Brooklyn Bar Association and many courthouse events), and is the preferred choice for cocktail hours by anyone who has ever heard them. Anywhere and everywhere, these multifaceted troubadours thrill and delight audiences with their gratifyingly subdued yet robustly enthusiastic combined musical styles.  
(The name implies three performers, but actually Triosphere is very often a quintet.)
Triosphere embodies a panoply of musical approaches with their non-genre-specific, post-modern, semi-acoustic sound. Triosphere plays music for contemporary listeners in a modern world, but with an occasionally gritty sincerity born out of yesterday's pre-digital days. And they're just a whole lot of fun to listen to and you're going to have a really great time! Guaranteed!


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