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Thrashie's Workshop

Solo Albums

Originals from 1983 - 2014

Originals from 1983 - 2014

Everything from improvisational jazz fusion to calypso, soca, and reggae, to exotic groove-driven percussion pieces, recorded live... 


Click to hear original solo albums and many, many other tracks!  

Classic Jazz from Triosphere

The Pitchy and Shifty Show

Funk, jazz, and progressive retro grooves, featuring Gaku Takanashi on bass
and John Romagnoli on drums.


It's the eccentric and amorphous Pitchy and Shifty Show, in a dazzling new collection, right here for your listening pleasure!

The Art Ensemble of Yonkers


Hitherto unexplored territories in the sonic landscape...




Classic 4-Track Recordings

Listen to originals from the golden era of multitrack cassette recording. From jazz to R&B, soft rock to progressive and alternative, these recordings cross many genres and feature some tongue-in-cheek, darkly ironic material. 

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