Classic 4-Track Recordings

Here are many of the recordings I made on a very modest 4-track cassette recorder, a Tascam Portastudio 244. The music includes a wide variety of genres, and features lyrics offering a somewhat twisted perspective on life and love.

If you'd like to read about the equipment I have used or want to know what I think about my own material, that's here too.

Space Radus and the MPD Jam Band (2003)

Passing Through (1994)

APATHY: Poodles of Yearn (1993)

Bricks and Birds (1991)

Petrified City (1991)

Exploding Rodents (1990)

Apathy: Early Days of Recent Yore (1990)

The Secret Life of a Fallen Demi-God (1988)


selections from

Selections from various albums can be found here. 

4-Track Singles

 These recordings are singles, not from any album at all.


 Here is a chronology of these recordings.

The Museum of Obsolescence

          Ever wonder how I got those fascinating retro sounds?   
         Check out my long, boring guide to the technical stuff! 

"Your music's weird!"

          Find out why and listen to the summer camp version 
          of the song Ugly People Shouldn't Have Babies. 

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