The Art Ensemble of Yonkers

The Art Ensemble of Yonkers exists outside of the regular flow of time as an improvisational acoustic group including Robin Radus, John Romagnoli, and future musicians who haven't joined us yet.  

Enjoy our debut recording, "The Seven Hills of Yonkers".

The following comes from a blog called "A Lust for Lists" and served as a quick and spontaneous way to coalesce a concept out of some free form rhythmic explorations:

From "10 Things That Come In Groups of Seven":  

THE SEVEN HILLS OF ROME: Here's a curiosity: The city of Rome attaches significance to the fact that it was built on seven hills. People talk about the 'seven hills of Rome', all east of the river Tiber, in the heart of Rome. Now, Rome is a city that likes its creation myths: recall it was founded by a pair of twins that were raised by a wolf. But what's stranger is there are fully fifty-one cities that claim to be situated on seven hills, from world cities such as Barcelona, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Mecca, Moscow and Tehran to humbler world-city aspirants such as Dunedin, New Zealand; Kampala, Uganda; Thiruvananthapuram, India; and Yonkers, USA. There doesn't seem to be anything much impressive about having eight hills in your city.

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